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Bust The Trunk - The Singles Collection
Dawn of the replicants
Bust The Trunk
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Fix The Air Single - Dawn of the Replicants.
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It seemed too sad to leave these nuggets from the past to lay idle on a hard-drive and never see the light of day. There's the ones the got away: "Recovery Position',"Showgirls in the Mist" and "method acting"- giddy replicants pop buffoonery at its best but somehow lost between albums.
You can also find all four tracks recorded for the "So Far So Spitfire" e.p, which brought DOTR to the attention of John Peel, Mark Radcliffe, Marc "Lard" Riley and George Tyekiff, the man who signed us to east/west records in 1997.
There's also some of the other tracks that helped get us signed: "Mary Louise' in demo form and "Float on a Raft', recorded on an early jolly to the studio in 1995. Not forgetting the Replicants do Pluto Monkey joy that can found in a rare live take of "Joe Meek" from 2006.
These tracks have been found, dusted down and sonically repaired where possible and now we can present to you "Chaos in an Inkwell: So Far So Spitfire Explained" and remember when the goose is
strong and ready she will return....

BUST THE TRUNK’ - the singles
Following in the long history of greatest hits 45 collections and golden moments on their 10th anniversary Dawn Of The Replicants bring you a singles collection that rivals ‘Abba Gold’ and the ‘Complete Miles Davis’ in the category ‘most electrifying compilation’. Bust the Trunk’ pop’s the A side Padlock and lets you peek-a-boo through a stunningly diverse assortment of richly different tracks that will inspire and delight you. Fashions and trends blow like mists through the night but The Replicants have always delivered and here’s the proof... 22 tracks side by side like slices of granny’s gingerbread chew. What the press said here


"bust the trunk" comes with "bust your peepers" a free d.v.d with over 100 minutes of videos, live footage and interviews.

'FIX THE AIR' is out now as a limited edition 7" 45. The video to accompany this by REX REID (also responsible for the RICE CAKE RABBIT SOUL and WON'T HARM A FLY videos) is available to view NOW!

Replicants album "Fangs" is out NOW on SL Records.
This release ties in with the 10th anniversary year of
Dawn of the Replicants It all started around a kitchen table in 1996 and is still going strong in 2006 - who would have thought it? Get the latest bio here
Track by Track for the new album 'Fangs here

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Dawn of the Replicants

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NME - "D.O.T.R don’t so much plough their own furrow as invent an entirely new kind of farm in which all the livestock speak Spanish and wear funny hats. They are as the hip-hoppers say, on some other shit, and never more so then here...dipsomaniac rumba (liqueur lagoon) lo-fi waltz (pterodactyl) and at least one vitriolic pop classic in Little Driver"

MOJO - "Much of the magic stems from frontman Paul Vickers, a loveable gonk? de Vinci of lyrical invention whole stream of consciousness teems with deft wordplay...Liqueur Lagoon is kooky lounge noir, Vickers imagery taking in "a puppy spinning on a sander". Better yet is Oh, Bumblebee, a hook-laden curio packing beefheartian riffing and a jazzy ,waltz-time ending...Fangs is a wonky delight."

DotR Live.
Dawn of the replicants Live!
Photos from London Barfly Courtesy of Bob
Artist Mary Trodden is responsible for all DotR art work
Mary Trodden. Dawn of the Replicants Artwork.
Top 5 DotR guitar solos.
A smack in the face for Rock History! The Top 5 DotR guitar solos here
Paul Vickers Degree Show BUBBLEGUM BLASPHEMY
Paul Vickers Degree Show - Bublegum Blasphemy.

Click for Larger Image - Dawn of the Replicants Press Pic 2006.
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